Blood tests For Infertility :

As an initial step, you will be advised to get the following blood tests prior to performing a semen analysis test.

  • HIV I & II
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • VDRL

Once the semen analysis is done, our doctor will review the reports and based on the semen analysis report we will decide whether you will need any further blood tests. If your sperm count is found to be very low or absent you will be advised further blood tests such as

  • 1. FSH
  • 2. LH
  • 3. Prolactin
  • 4. Free Testosterone
  • 5. Total Testosterone
  • 6. HbA1C (for sugar levels)

Genetic Tests :

CFTR gene mutation
Y chromosome microdeletion

Along with these tests you will also be advised to get a scrotal ultrasound scan to assess your testicles for structural abnormalities.
Following all these tests our doctors will be able to advise you on appropriate management to improve your fertility potential.

Please bear in mind that some of the above tests will also be recommended for investigating conditions like erectile dysfunction and impotence.