Frozen embryo transfer has gained popularity in the recent years compared to Fresh embryo transfers. Frozen embryo transfers are done predominantly in women who suffer from Polycystic ovaries with a view to reducing complications such as Ovarian Hyperstimulation.


Discussion on success rates between Fresh vs Frozen embryo transfers are debatable as there is no clear cut evidence of superiority of one over the other. Embryos transferred can be either day 3 (cleavage stage) or day 5 (Blastocysts stage).  Blastocyst stage embryos have been left to develop a little longer than D3 embryos. This helps with natural selection and helps the embryologist with selecting embryos which are likely to implant. We will  need to bear in mind that not all embryos will develop further from day 3 to day 5 to become blastocysts as they might stop growing, this risks the loss of embryos. Your doctor will be considering these factors before deciding on your embryo transfer.

Frozen transfer delays embryo transfer by a month. It can be done as a

  1. Supressed HRT cycle
  2. Natural cycle

At create predominantly favour a FET –  HRT cycle.

In a FET cycle ,. The basic idea would be to assess endometrial thickness at the start of your periods and start Estrogen tablets. This use of Estrogen tablets will help thicken the Endometrium, which usually happens by two weeks. Following this another scan will be undertaken to assess the endometrium. Once the lining is confirmed to be thick further medication will be added to enhance implantation and a date will be provided for embryo transfer.


Our Doctor will discuss with you on the number of embryos to be transferred during this appointment. We advocate transferring a single embryo considering your safety. Multiple embryo transfer risks multiple pregnancies and its associated risks.

Other advancements associated with embryo transfer are as below

  1. Embryo glue
  2. Pre implantation genetic testing for aneuploidy
  3. Laser assisted hatching

Please make use of your appointment with the doctor to discuss on all of the above.


Good Luck !!