• Blood tests : HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Syphylis (VDRL).
    (Results should be within 6 months duration)
    You will need to provide us with these mandatory blood test reports prior to the semen
  • These tests are done as a safety measure.
    Abstinence: 2 – 5 days
    There should be a gap of 2 days from the last episode of sexual intercourse/masturbation/
    ejaculation and it should be less than 5 days.
  • Infection: Please let our embryologist know if you are suffering from any short-term illness such as fever.
  • Spillage: As the first portion of ejaculate sample contains more number of sperms, Please let us know if there was any spillage.
  • We prefer your sample to be produced at our centre, However, if this is not possible due to any reason you may produce a sample at home and deliver it with in 30 minutes. Please make sure that such a sample is kept as close as to your body (such as in armpit) so that temperature is maintained close to your body temperature thereby preventing excess sperm loss while on transit.
  • Sperm-safe condoms are available if required at our pharmacy.
  • Please clean the penis with clean water (avoid soap!!) prior to producing an ejaculate.
  • Difficulty with obtaining an erection does happen in some due to stress and change in environment. Please do not worry about this. We can reschedule your appointment to another day or prescribe you with some medications for the same.